Due to the current epidemiological situation, our restaurant provides only a takeaway service during the daily working hours between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Fish soup - 30kn

Octopus salad - 70kn

Fish tris - 75kn

Scampi carpaccio - 150kn

Fish carpaccio - 85kn

Cod fish "in bianco" - 55 kn

Adriatic squid fried or grilled with side dish - 85kn

Fried or grilled squid with side dish - 78kn

Cuttlefish and squid brodetto with polenta - 78kn

Sea bass fillet grilled (swiss chard) - 128kn

Grilled fish (1 st class) - 370kn

Baked fish with potatoes (1 st class) - 380kn

Beefsteak tartare -140kn

Istrian dried ham - 75kn (100g)

Sheeps cheese - 65kn (100g)

Cheese with truffles - 70kn

Wild mushroom soup - 30kn

Roasted veal under the bell (min 4 port.) - 240kn (1kg)

Sausages with sauerkraut - 65kn

"Vrsar" meat platter (for 2 pers.) - 140kn

Beefsteak with truffles (fuži) - 165kn

Beefsteak (with mushrooms/with garlic/with green pepper) -150kn

Rumpsteak with mushrooms - 110kn

Rumpsteak with truffles -130kn

Homemade pasta "fuži" with beef goulash - 70kn