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Unforgettable ambience with a view to the Casanova town

A small, charming town situated on a hill, which in the past used to be a fishing village. This was favored by the coast and the multitude of islets surrounding it. It was later recognized throughout the world as a quaint place and, with time, tourism was developed. Vrsar is an ideal destination for a quiet and relaxing holiday, as it provides its guests with enjoyment on the most beautiful beaches, clean blue sea, green nature, fresh fish, and a warm welcome.

The warm ambience of our tavern (konoba)

In our konoba (tavern), a pleasant and warm atmosphere reigns, filled with the sounds of light Mediterranean music and crackling of the fire in the fireplace, from which spread balmy smells of traditional local specialties, such as aromatic dishes cooked under the bell, the gradele (grill grate), where freshly caught fish is turned over or the smell of toasted home-made bread for the Istrian soup. It is filled with details, such as fishing nets, fish traps, and antique oil lamps, which were used for night fishing and which depict and revive the history of Vrsar as a small fishing village.

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Experience unforgettable moments in our dining room

In our spacious dining room, you can celebrate your most beautiful and most important moments in life, such as christenings, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and in that way, create unforgettable and long-lasting memories. A most beautiful sea view which you will enjoy during your lunch is deserving of its pleasant ambiance while, in the evening, you can let yourselves go with the romantic atmosphere of the sunset and the night feeling of our place.
Look for the wonderful marble fireplace and, on the walls, have a look at the photographs showing Vrsar in the past. On them, you will maybe find familiar faces of your friends or acquaintances from your youth.

Enjoy the magic views

As our terrace points towards the sea, most beautiful views spread from there. You can also enjoy magnificent sunsets, hear the rustling of the waves, look at the boats while having your tasty meal, accompanied by a glass of good local wine.

The biggest luxury you can treat yourselves to for free is simply to be able to disconnect yourselves from the rest of the world and relax, abandoning yourselves to the natural beauty of Vrsar.

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